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Why choose Island Life Homes?

At Island Life Homes, we believe in the 3 P’s of Real Estate: Presentation, Promotion, and Price.


Presentation:  How a family feels when they walk in to your home is important!

We offer to clients staging of their home with from our storage of new, quality furniture.  We understand not all situations allow for staging, i.e. owner occupant and tenant occupied properties.  We work with clients in discussing their specific goals.

Promotion:  Eye Ball Marketing!!  Simply put, we place your home where the qualified eye balls are looking.

In addition to the normal Multiple Listing Service (MLS) entry, which includes 250+ websites that re-publish the MLS Homes for sale, we utilize the following SPECIAL marketing:

-Geo-Targeted & age based Facebook Marketing of your specific Home (2,000+ local viewers reached)

-High quality postage mail showcasing your Property to your Neighborhood-your neighbors are the ones that know & love the neighborhood, and are an excellent source to aid in finding the Buyer for your property.  We have consistently had success with this marketing media.

-4 page Glossy Brochure showcasing your Property for sale-We understand that buyers are looking at numerous properties when out shopping for a new home, and it’s challenging to remember all the features of a property.  So we have found it helpful to provide a 4 page brochure with larger & more pictures to potential buyers, in lieu of a single page fact sheet.

-40+ Full Size Open House Sign with directional arrow & sign rider denoting open house times (We use a Toyota Sienna Van to transport so many open house signs.)

-And much more innovative marketing that is proven…

 40 OPEN HOUSE SIGNS strategically placed from 8am-6pm the day of your Open House to let everyone know!

Price:  This is the toughest & most important question.  How do you determine the suggested list price?

We furnish you a report with information about the relevant market activity in your immediate area.

What separates our report and provides the thoroughness necessary is the inclusion of additional key information thru ongoing market research such as:  # of Open Houses held, #of attendees at those Open Houses, feedback from potential buyers about these relevant properties, and more.

 Pages from How to select the Correct List and Sales


We understand that important decisions like this happen over time, not overnight.

Please feel free to contact us thru the link below for a preliminary valuation of your property!


Sincerely and thank you for your consideration, The Yamashita Team

Basement of New Furniture Ready to Stage your Home..Carlin Yamahita.R.  Our storage unit with Quality,  Brand New Furniture Ready to Stage your Home Today to Sell!

Sample 4 Page Brochure-glossy hardstock paper for every Home we are selling!

1018 Hao St Honolulu HI 96821-large-002-2-Home2 copy-1335x1000-72dpi96130 Farrington Hwy Pearl-large-006-2-Aerial5 copy-1335x1000-72dpi   We always use our Professional Photographer.  (Drone Pictures on suitable properties.)