Special Offer Instructions for Buyers making an Offer on our Listing

    Thank you for submitting an offer.

    Please find included the special offer instructions to consider when submitting your offer:

    • Mortgage Description: a new first mortgage loan with interest not to exceed X% per year, for a term of no less than 30 years and total points not exceeding 2% of said loan.  (please don’t use “of buyer’s choice”)
    • Seller prefers either:   Lina Takada, First American Title, 1177 Kapiolani Blvd.  Honolulu, HI 96814  808-457-3777  LTakada@FirstAm.com
    • K-3  Mark “NA”
    • Please include As Is Addendum
    • Section Q add: “2. All written reports obtained by or provided to Buyer shall be considered an Amended Seller’s Disclosure Statement and the discovery date shall be the date Buyer receives the written Later Discovered Information.  Reports include but are not limited to title reports, inspection reports, survey reports, termite reports, condominium documents.”
    • Please include a pre-approval letter and a little notes on your buyer  to help me best present your client to my seller.
    • Please include actual verification of cash funds with the offer or within 2 days of acceptance.

    Thank you.

    Carlin Yamashita, Realtor